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Kim Allen

Selling Guide -

Select your Realtor.- When you meet with the agent you will discuss your financial situation, your required and suggest repairs and upgrades, and your plans for moving to your next home. You will want to discuss their marketing plans for your home. 

Expenses-  Your Realtor will provide you with a list off customary closing expenses based on your projected sale price.  This is where fees related to your real estate transaction charges would be disclosed like Commissions, Title, Survey, Taxes, Repairs.

Repairs- Should your home need any repairs you can fix them yourself ( as long as done correctly) prior to sale. Any repairs not completed before going under contract will need to be completed  by a licensed contractor.  You may choose to have a professional home inspection and wood inspection completed prior to listing your home to understand what items require attention.  Think electrical, plumbing, moisture issues, appliances, lighting fixtures, windows, .. Do any of these need attention, fix them now.

Interior  - You will want to remove any clutter from the home, minimize furniture, removed dated furniture and decorations, Clean your carpets, deep clean your home or consider having home professionally cleaned, Your Realtor can help you determine any additional changes to make the home ready for quality photos. 

Exterior  - Curb appeal, the first impression.  Yard clean, trees trimmed, fresh flowers, No trees or plants touching the home. Does your home need paint? Any wood rot will have to be fixed for the buyer to obtain a loan. The front door paint and area including door bell and lights need to be fresh. Do yours need replaced? The buyer will stand here for 2-3 minutes while the agent access the lock box system. What do they see and smell..  Put hoses and trash cans away. The buyer may walk around the exterior of the home, be sure no tripping hazards or piles of debris.  The roof will need to have at least 3-5 years of roof life left for new owners to obtain a loan & insurance. 

Showings & Feed Back - Your agent will discuss the lock box type they use and the showing terms and procedures for confirming appointments. Discuss with your agent what they will do to keep you up dated on feed back after showings. The buyers agent will request an appointment. You should approve all showing possible. Exceptions do happen such as illness or family events. It is best to leave while the agent shows their property. Understand a buyer may open and look inside anything attached to or included with the purchase including closets and kitchen drawers. The buyer should not access personal space like dresser drawers, however it is strongly suggested you secure all jewelry and medications before placing the home on the market. Your agent should have a system to request feedback and forward any received to the home owner. Not all agents respond or have feed back.

Marketing - Your home will have quality photos taken, place in the multiple listing service, multiple websites, flyers, postcards, open house and any other marketing agreed upon between you and your agent at the time of listing. Your agents most important skill should be a skilled negotiator to help you obtain the highest net in the shortest time with the least amount of stress. 

Offers - Upon receipt of an offer your agent will get with you and discuss the updated expense sheet that goes with the offer as written, discuss time requirements for inspection, repairs, appraisal, loan approval, survey, appraisal and time for closing.  You may accept, decline or counter offer any offer. Multiple offers, should you receive multiple offers you may request all agents provide highest best offer or counter offer an offer which has terms you find more attractive such as cash. 

Once you have an accepted offer - Your agent will guide you and keep track of required activities and dates. Such as the buyers binder, loan application, inspections, appraisals, repairs, loan approval, and closings.

Repairs - the buyer will request repairs based on inspections and appraisal. The repairs are negotiable but will need to be completed by a licensed contractor unless otherwise agreed in writing. IF the buyer is obtaining a loan any repairs noted on the appraisal or for obtaining insurance will have to be completed or the deal terminated. Repairs need to be completed as soon as possible so as not to delay the loan process.

Loan Approval - once the loan is approved it will be 10 business days for the disclosure of final closing costs to buyer to be reviewed and cleared to close.  

Closing - closing will be scheduled between the date of clear to close and the date contract indicates close by. It is not unusual for the projected closing date to be extended. Your agent will keep you informed as dates approach.  At closing you will turn over all keys and garage door openers. The home will have been left clean swept and free of any debris.  Be sure you checked your attic and all cabinets. 

Information for Sellers

Getting the most for your home or property means doing more than putting a "For Sale" sign out front. In a competitive market where new homes for sale are added daily, your listing needs to be seen in a variety of places in order to stand out. And sometimes the right buyer is waiting out of state, or even in another country. To ensure sure your home gets noticed and sells without a hitch for full market value, consider working with a top professional. It could mean the difference between no sale, and the payoff you've been waiting for.

Five Reasons to Sell your home with a REALTOR®

  1. Sell with a custom marketing plan.
  2. Get your home listed and talked about everywhere, not just in the local paper and on your street.
  3. Attract buyers via the Internet.
  4. Have all the paperwork taken care of for you.
  5. Negotiate with the help of a real estate professional.

As your Seller's Agency, we'll quickly put together a custom marketing plan with an effective price. A well-priced home will often generate competing offers and drive up the final sale value. Our market analysis takes into account the most actively searched prices, and home values throughout your area, including expired listings, and properties still on the market. In marketing your home, we also develop a listing that emphasizes its unique and sellable aspects. We then put your home in front of thousands of buyers, establishing it on the local MLS as well as broader ones, new listings sheets, and Realtor publications. Our network of professional real estate contacts and buyers throughout the nation will also have the opportunity to check out your listing. In addition, we'll use the Internet, and this professionally optimized website, to make your listing highly visible. With more than 80 per cent of buyers checking the web first when looking for a home, that's a part of your marketing strategy you can't afford to miss.

Without the help of a Realtor, marketing your home can be time consuming and difficult. Advertising in the media is often expensive, and many buyers are reluctant to consider homes listed "For Sale by Owner."

When we list your home, we do so at no additional cost. When you start to get offers, we can represent you during the emotionally charged negotiating process and ensure you get the best price, with favorable closing terms that are clearly spelled out. As your professional aides, we also and take care of all paperwork related to the sale.

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. When it's time to sell, get the value you deserve with the help of a professional Realtor. If you'd like to get in touch about your next home sale today, please contact us whenever you'd like.